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September 21, 1994

Trivia King Never Tires

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Bill Dorchak

Bill Dorchak

Who knows more trivia than Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek and works right here in Tuscola County?

Bill Dorchak of Caro Tire Company has been stumping readers of Tuscola County Advertiser for the past 20 years.

Tidbits of information have appeared each week in his Caro business advertisement.

Dorchak, who bought the tire business 20 years ago from Fred Herbert, decided the unique ad might bring in business.

According to Dorchak, a Pittsburgh advertising agency representative stopped in for a visit and convinced him it would work.

The trivia wasn’t always as popular as it is today, however. “After the first year, not one person acknowledged the ad,” Dorchak said. “I told the salesman I didn’t think it was working out.”

The salesman talked Dorchak into continuing with the advertisement and it’s been running ever since.

“They just renew it every year and I just keep paying,” he added.

Dorchak said customers have commented on the “interesting facts” and added that he has no interest in stopping the ad anytime soon.

In the future, sports fans may also witness witty words of wisdom.

“I’m thinking about switching it (to sports trivia) or having a couple months of each,” Dorchak added.

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